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If that is an engagement ring sparkling delicately on your finger, which will soon become the envy and delight of all, then the day is finally here; the day that has predominantly overtook many of your memories and secluded visions. And just like all those memories flashed back in a moment of blissful ecstasy, you will want to feel that rush again when you wander through the valley of your photogenic box of this most significant day. And that is where I, Lee Hillyard wedding photographer, come in like a wish come true.

Beginning an enlightening journey in the early days of '92, I have journeyed across various platforms of real-life experience, predominantly in public relations and medical field. While these were not meant to become lasting professions, they did help me learn one valuable lesson: how to capture the essence of every moment, how when you look back on those wonderful memories, they are as real as life itself. Hence, to ascertain that I was responsible for helping others to relive their most special day, I became a wedding photographer. And since then, I have not opted for another career because it has been worth it.

Being a certified member of SWPP (Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers) and holding a Licentiate of the British Professional Photographers Associates, I do have the accreditation, in addition to ingenuity, to make your wedding day unforgettable. You will want to begin this journey of a lifetime with your soul mate with unforgettable moments so that when you look at your wedding album, it only brings smiles and laughter.
Therefore, do not settle when it comes to your memories; cherish it while it lasts and let me take care of making it last forever in a static form with only the best to give.

You may know someone who can take pictures better but I know how to make them breathe. Don’t let them die with your special day and for that, just let me have the final say as your wedding photographer, because you only get one shot!


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